Resource Equity Solution

PerformancED has dedicated the past decade to the research and development of an evidence-based bundled solution to address the resource deficiencies for 24,000,000 disadvantaged at-risk students in America's public schools.  Districts with high concentrations of low income students have on average15% less to spend per student than a decade ago.  Over 100 reports and studies since 2009 agree, recommend and support the need for equitible access to libraries, technology, connectivity, supportive services and teacher professional development.  This ubiquitous consensus has served as the basis for and guidance in structuring a responsive, leveraged bundled solution that fills equity, access and opportunity gaps.  This high-value solution maximizes the use of existing federal funds and does not require any new legislative policy.  It is aligned with ESSA and all previous federal education initiatives since 2007; inclusive of the 300 open desegragation orders, some 40 years old. 

The solution consists of five pillars;

1.) e-book ecosystem with analytics,

2.) Device,

3.) Internet access (Kajeet or ConnectED provider of choice),

4.) 24/7/365 student behavioral wellness supportive service program (includes family) ,

5.) Cultural Competency and Restorative Justice professional development. 


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Price will be capped at no more than 3% annual increase of original investment for ten years.

Unprecedented Value

A resource equity solution offering unprecedented value with a net cost of $0.00.  In fact, leveraging existing resources to develop additional revenues providing up to a 500% ROI, ROR and ROO, or up to an additional $37,500 per student.

Evidence Based Resource Equity Alignment and Compliance

Thank you for a few moments of your time allowing us to provide a brief overview of how we can contribute to your districts resource equity goals and objectives for FRL and/or Title I eligible students in socio-economically vulnerable communities.  Please contact us for a district and/or state specific proposal.